bernies automotive car wash seattle ballard

bernies automotive car wash seattle ballardIt looks like car wash fundraising season is officially over!

Thank you to all of you for considering and using our site for your fundraising location! We hope that all of the washes held this summer were very successful and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Bernie’s Automotive Service is a host site for charitable car washes and is partnered with Seattle Public Utilities: Bert the Salmon, to alleviate the impact of car washes around the Puget Sound areas.

Most areas in the Puget Sound have drainage systems that release the polluted fluids back into the sound and other bodies of water. The drainage system at Bernie’s Automotive treats all polluted water before it is returned which is what makes our site unique and beneficial!

Our goal is to lessen the impacts that pollution has on the Puget Sound while supporting our neighborhood schools and organizations with their charity fundraisers!

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